Here at Tire Zone, we provide all kinds of service – we also provide some of the best-quality and top-notch products in the market.

Not to worry, though, because our prices are some of the most affordable price points in the market, making our products and services accessible to everyone who might want and need our help!

New Tires

If you require new tires, then this is something that we provide. Sometimes, our cars need new tires because our old ones might be a bit used already – so bring in your vehicles for new tire replacements!

Used Tires

Sometimes buying new tires can be quite expensive, especially if you’re on a budget. So it’s important to make use of “used” tires that are still in top shape. Here at Tire Zone, we offer some of the best used tires in the market, and we make sure that these tires might be used, but they’re still top-notch.


Depending on the job you want to be done on your rims, like having a new design or replacing them, then these are services that we can do for you. We have rims depending on your style, and we’ll be more than glad to walk you through the process!


If your wipers seem to be malfunctioning, then we can surely fix them for you. After all, wipers are some of the most essential parts of your cars since they really do come in handy, especially on rainy days. So don’t sabotage your safety and have your wipers repaired.

Starting and Charging of Batteries

If your batteries won’t start nor charge, then it’s probably high time that you replaced them or brought them in for the usual starting and charging services.

Vehicle Inspection

No matter what you need the vehicle inspection for, but this is something that we do with our highly skilled specialists – we will make sure that your vehicles are inspected from top to bottom!

Rotor Disk Repair

Your rotor disks are the discs that are connected to each of your wheels, so they’re pretty essential to your cars since their friction resists the spin of the wheel, which slows its rotation and the movement of your vehicle.

Once you feel like something’s wrong with your rotor disks, then bring in your car for a regular rotor disk repair.

Wheel Repair

When you think that something’s wrong with your wheels, you shouldn’t wait until an accident comes up before you send them for an inspection or repair. We provide some of the best wheel repair services, and we’d be more than happy to provide this service for you and your vehicle.

Brake Repair

It’s pretty self-explanatory when we say how your vehicle’s break is one of the most important parts of your car. If your brake is broken, then driving your car with a broken brake is extremely dangerous, not only for you but for those in the same lanes as you. So bring in your vehicles for a regular brake repair!

What are you waiting for?

Call us today at Tire Zone to get the job that you need – we ensure that you and your car’s satisfaction will always be a top priority! We provide our services to various clients around Forth Worth, Texas.