It would be best if you never neglected the safety of your tires since the whole vehicle’s safety is determined by it. The brakes and tires are the two most crucial parts of the vehicle. Therefore, you must drive a safe vehicle to protect yourself and other road users. Consequently, having a checklist for your tire safety is advisable. 

Having a regular tire checklist is important for maintenance as well. Despite being one of the most important components of your vehicle, tires are, unfortunately, one of the most abused components of a vehicle. Usually, they are left to wear; they suffer from loose pressure and go through all sorts of punctures. It is important to keep track of these and maintain the vehicle’s safety for enhanced performance. 

However, tire maintenance has a lot of impact on your vehicle’s general well-being. It determines fuel efficiency, safety, repair costs, and overall performance. With this in mind, it is important to watch out for the following if you want to keep your tires safe.

Depth of Tread

It would be best to have your car tires have sufficient tread depth. This guarantees proper grip on the road.2/32 of an inch is the minimum depth considered safe. This depth is crucial since it guarantees safety when speeding and braking, especially if the terrains are slippery and wet.

Tire’s Air Pressure

The tires need to have enough air pressure before using the vehicle. The under or over-inflated vehicle will be erratic and affect the handling grip. You do not want this happening when driving. The right tire pressure guarantees smooth rides, better handling, improved traction, and good fuel economy.

Alignment, Rotation, and Balance

It is important to consider these aspects based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, misalignment and imbalanced tires often lead to premature tire wear. Make sure these are as they should be if you want to avoid irregular wear and improve tire longevity, not to mention enhance fuel economy.

Wear and Tear

Don’t be those people who move around with worn-out tires. Instead, inspect your tires regularly over time and take care of irregular wear and tears. Also, replace tires and repair them as needed.

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