A pothole is something that you won’t know is there until you run over it – it’s quite funny to think about it, but running over potholes can have serious repercussions on your vehicles.

Tire Zone advises our clients and readers to avoid potholes while driving; not only in Houston but around the United States of America as well. These things could have serious effects on your vehicles, and it’s never easy to have them repaired.

While we may never control the road or our surroundings, it’s important to acknowledge a pothole when we see one. As we’ve mentioned, it’s best to avoid potholes, but if you absolutely can’t, it’s important that you slow down or move around them. It’s vital to safely shift our cars to go over a pothole instead of driving into one.

However, if it’s absolutely necessary to drive into one, slowly driving is the smartest thing to do to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

Potholes can be such a nuisance, and the following are some of the potential harm that these things can do to your cars:

  • They can mess with your tire’s alignment which causes uneven wear to your tires, and this can also mean that one or more tires might need to be replaced sooner than usual.
  • They can damage the rims of your cars which can be quite expensive to fix and will leave more issues for your vehicles.
  • They can weaken your car’s suspension and even cause a sidewall bulge which can mean that a blowout is impending.

There are more harms to potholes, but the aforementioned ones are the most common. This is why it’s so important to know how to handle situations like this, and this is also why it’s best to drive slowly when it’s absolutely necessary to drive over a pothole.

If you think that a pothole has caused damage to your vehicle, then reach out to us at Tire Zone to know how we can help you fix this problem.