Rims are the pride of any car owner, especially if they are brand new and shiny. As a result, car owners are often interested in knowing more about car rims and their functionality. Understanding this subject gives you an edge over the rest, especially when choosing the right rim for your car. 

Wheel Anatomy

Heels may look simple, but they have several components to complete the look. Parts of the rim include:

  • Outboard Face. It’s the wheel’s main face that gives its structure. 
  • Center Bore. Refers to the hole in the wheel’s center that is covered with the hubcap.
  • Plate. is the central section around the center bore containing the bolt holes for the lugs. The lugs attach the wheel to the wheelbase.
  • Spokes. This refers to the structures connecting the plate to the edge of the rim. Spokes are responsible for determining the weight and strength of a wheel.
  • Rim. It is the wheel’s outer diameter, which in turn determines the official measurement of the wheel.

Understanding the Wheel Construction

Wheels are constructed differently using varying materials. However, they are durable and strong to handle the roughest of terrains. Most wheels are made of the following material


  • Steel. This is designed for smaller cars that are light in weight. The wheels are straightforward. 
  • Aluminum Alloy. This material makes wheels for luxury cars, sedans, and trucks. It offers strength, weight, affordability, versatility, and durability. 
  • Carbon Fiber. This material is increasing in popularity and is known to have super strength and be lightweight. However, they tend to be more costly but worth the price.

How to Settle on the Wheel to Purchase

Investing in good quality wheels is advisable even if you can choose to go for any wheels. However, if you seem confused about the right rim and wheels, consult the experts like Tire Zone for advice. They are located in Fort Worth, TX, and will be ready to support you find the perfect wheels for your car.