A simple oil change is one of the car oil changes you need to know about. Though it seems obvious, not many people remember it. Therefore, it is important to remind yourself how it is done to be sure that you are on the right track.

Confirm what the Manufacturer Recommends

vehicles are not similar in many ways, and oil change requirements are one of these. You need to be sure about the type of oil, the amount, and the blend considered appropriate for your car. You do not want to reduce your engine’s lifespan by using the wrong oil.

Get the Weight Measurement Right

Every car engine works with a particular engine weight. Make sure to confirm and confirm that what you are using is right for the model of your car. Do not make an exception and ensure that the weight of the oil matches the one recommended by the manufacturer.

Always Wear a Protective Gear

Make sure to wear your protective gear when changing the oil at home. This keeps you safe and minimizes the cleaning you may have to do afterward. For example, wear gloves and have towels that can be used to rub away the oil quickly.

Find a tarp you can use to protect the driveway from nasty oil spillage.

Allow Your Car to Cool Down

Do not change the oil if the car is used. Allow it to rest for about 30 minutes before doing any work or changing the oil. The warm oil can damage your skin. If you must warm the oil, change it and drive the car for a few minutes, and it flows freely.

Ensure to Use the Right Drain Pan

Find a drain pan at the nearest auto shop and use it to drain the oil you want to change. This minimizes your chances of coming to contact with dirty oil and also prevents nasty spills.

Find a Grip

This will help to handle the oil filter without slipping. It can be difficult to handle the oil filter with oily hands. Find a grip that works for you.

Make Sure to Seal Your Filter Correctly

Allow the new oil filter to dry so it can be properly sealed. Loosely fitted filters will result in leaks. Be careful not to let the filter unthread, as this will leave all the oil on the driveway.

Always make sure that the oil gets into the engine. You also must understand how to dispose of the old oil correctly and responsibly.

If you are having difficulty changing your oil, make sure to contact professionals. Hire Tire Zone to assist you with this if you live in Fort Worth, TX, and its environs.