Tires are one of those components of a car that undergoes a lot of wear and tear. They are driven on roads and sometimes also on uneven surfaces. They also suffer from other damages like punctures. But what’s more important here is to repair the tires. 

The process of repairing the tires is not easy. It needs skills and precision and therefore, should be done by the experts only. Tire repair is a tedious process and you can know more about the same in this blog below. 

Ideal Conditions for Tire Repair

Tire repairs cannot be done in case of severe damage like cuts or damage on the side walls. Repair is possible under the following conditions only: 

  • Puncture that is on the top surface or around the tread area. 
  • Puncture measuring not more than an inch in diameter 
  • Multiple holes or punctures that are at least a foot apart 
  • Repeated damage on the patched tire

Tire repair is only possible if the damages are as mentioned above. In other conditions, it is better to reach out for tire replacement. 

Tire Repair Process 

If you are getting your tires repaired then you should also be aware of the process that will be performed. The process of tire repair involves the following steps: 

  1. The tire is extracted from the rim for inspection. The experts examine the interior and exterior of the tire for damage.
  2. The damage is cleaned thoroughly to get rid of any excess rubber. 
  3. The tire stem is then pulled from the inside out to seal the tire. 
  4. A special rubber glue is applied to the area after a clean-up. 
  5. A patch of tire is then stuck on the glued area and left to harden. 
  6. The tire is now ready to be fixed back in your car. 

Lastly, the team runs a quality check to assure that the repair is done properly. 

A similar process is followed by the experts at Tire Zone in Fort Worth, Texas. You can bring in your vehicle for tire repair and replacement. Call our team today to know more about our services.