Tires are an essential part of any vehicle, including cars. They assure the safe movement of the car. However, with regular use, tires can suffer from wear and tear and other damages. 

As a car owner, you should also be aware that driving with damaged tires is dangerous. They can reduce the efficiency of the braking system of the car and also lose grip on the road. All of this can lead to major road accidents. Hence, it is necessary to get the tires repaired in case of damage. 

Is Tire Repair Possible? 

Repairing the tire is possible but only under certain conditions. Some damages can be fixed by repairs. Those are: 

  • Repairable damages 

Repairable damages mainly include punctures. But there’s one more condition that governs this. It is the type and depth of puncture. If the puncture is caused by small debris or a nail and the hole is lesser than an inch in diameter, it can be repaired. 

If the tire has more than one puncture, spread across an area of about one foot, it can be repaired too. However, damages more than this call for tire replacement. 

  • Irreparable damages 

Certain damages cannot be repaired. They are mainly the damages caused on the side walls of the tires or punctures measuring more than an inch in diameter. In these cases, you need to replace the tires as soon as possible. 

Replacement is also recommended in case of cuts on the tires. Such damages are beyond repair and replacement is the only solution. 

Tire replacement is also necessary if they have been used for more than 10 years. This is the average lifespan of tires, after which they can undergo more damage and cause accidents. 

Tire repair and replacement can be decided on the severity of the damage. If you don’t know what to do about the damage, simply bring your car to our experts at Tire Zone in Fort Worth, Texas. They will inspect the tire condition and recommend you the necessary services. Call us now to know more!