There is a lot of competition in the auto repair business. Therefore, auto repair shops can learn from those thriving in the business. Fortunately, most of those doing well have documented their successes and progress in blogs. It is, therefore, only reasonable to check out some of these industry geniuses through their blogs. They Include:

1. Eastwood Auto Restoration Blog

This is a restoration blog that outlines and showcases auto repairs through video tutorials. So it is no wonder that it has over 600k followers on FaceBook. It is certainly one of the best blogs to follow if you want to stay updated.

2. Advance Auto Parts – DIY Blog

This great mechanic blog teaches followers about car basics. Learn all how-tos to do with cars and participate in the discussions. For example, you can learn how to use your car jack to understand your car’s upholstery cleaning, among other skills.

3. Be Car Care Aware Blog

This blog will equip you with all the information on being safe while driving. You also learn how to shop in auto shops and get the right parts for your vehicle. You can learn basic but important things about your car.

4. Humble Mechanic

This blog gives you honest reviews and knowledge about your car. You will learn a lot about car repairs, especially if you need content on Volkswagen. In addition, there are several DIYs on cars. With over 20k followers on Facebook, this is one of the best-performing car blogs.

5. The Car Talk Mechanic Blog

This blog educates readers about the latest car models. It is an industry expert blog that discusses the latest cars and features and shares tips on buying a car.

With these many blogs serving as an inspiration and guide, auto car shops, like Tire Zone in Fort Worth, TX, can also start their blogs and have a huge online following. Create an informative blog, and it will attract the attention you deserve.